Josh Desure jumpstarted his career in the music business tour managing for Midland, hitting the road with the trio as they toured their debut album On the Rocks. After a last-minute opening stint for the band in Bakersfield, Desure hung up his tour-manager hat and decided to give music a real go. “Stranded Son” is his only official release, but the song is more than enough to prove Desure’s musical chops, a panoramic slice of folk rock with just enough twang. - Rolling Stone

Desure is a writer of deeply moving songs that'll smack you in the face with emotion. He believes in the power of pure transparency in his music. "It builds a stronger connection," he says of his affinity for raw, unbridled performances. That's how the light gets in, to borrow a line from the great Leonard Cohen.

Sounds Like: The soundtrack to a long, epic nighttime drive through the desert

For Fans of: David Ramirez, Andrew Combs, Rayland Baxter





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